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fast food is bad for you

            Imagine this: You've just come home from school and you dying to turn the T. You reach for the remote and flick to channel 2 and the first thing that catches your eye is the bright colors of the new McDonalds add. In a Loud voice the presenter is telling the world about the new toy you will get if you buy a happy meal. All you can think about is that new toy. You pester your mum until she gives in, and soon enough that toy is decorating your dresser.
             What we don't realise that this is a trap. Slowly the fast food chains are extending their nets over the nation using our children as bait. More and more people are becoming over weight and obese. If I were to do a survey of the number of severely overweight people in Wanaka the result would be very small. But on the other hand if I were to do a survey of all the overweight people in a big city like Auckland, the result would be very high. This is simply because of the lack of fast food in Wanaka and the availability of it in Auckland. .
             Fast food is really only slang for unhealthy foods with limited nutrition value. When you hear the words "fast food" you automatically think of fatty, sugary, salty foods. You are right. These foods have a high salt or sugar content and are usually drowned in saturated fat. They have little or no nutrition. If you are eating regular amounts of these foods, you might as well sign yourself up for a heart operation because that's where you"re headed.
             I don't think that fast food should be eliminated completely, because a little taken with the right diet and exercise program can do you no harm. Did you know that the McDonalds hamburger buns come in small capsules the size of my thumbnail? A huge pot of fat is heated for fifteen minutes and then the capsules are dropped in where they expand. think about that next time you want to sink your teeth into one. It's enough to put me off for life! .
             In Conclusion, fast food is unhealthy and fattening.

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