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Western Influences on Thai Food Culture

            There are a million different reasons why fast food, processed food, or food that has been produced with artificial flavors, should be avoided or minimized. One of those innumerable reasons is Obesity. Obesity is a rising epidemic that has spread, and is still is in the process of spreading, all over the world. The cause of this epidemic, as I mentioned earlier is, our food. So what is wrong with our food system? A better question I would say would be: What's not wrong with our food system? Genetically modified food, As Birke Baehr says in his Ted talk video, is not wrong, "but when a fish's DNA is put in a Tomato, its just creepy", and yes, I completely agree, and no matter how much the scientists and the food industries claim or proof for it to be edible, it is not natural. And call me old fashioned, but I do believe in the saying "Don't eat anything your grandmother wouldn't recognize as food" (Pollan). The food we are eating now, in the fast food culture, it is not designed for us, or any living being. We may sure be able to survive it, but there is nothing good that it does to our body. On the contrary, all it does is harm us. .
             There is a reason our ancestors were healthier and stronger than us, there weren't any Mc Donalds's or KFC in their days. They had no option but to eat fresh, healthy home cooked meals and grow their own fruits and vegetables. And Asian countries amongst all the countries in the world had been successful in maintaining their tradition of home cooked meals with herbs and natural spices, until now. According to a study done by WHO (2011), before the trend of processed or "fast" food, Asian countries like Thailand was one of the most successful countries to keep its food related health problems to the minimum. They always ate fresh grown fruits and vegetables from the farm, steamed, boiled or roasted, and their health was blooming as ever.

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