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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

             Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
             Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was often considered the "most complete genius.
             of all composers." Mozart was a very gifted child. He started showing his intelligence at about the age of three years old by picking out thirds on the piano. By the age of six he had gave his first harpsichord concert, seven he had gone to Paris, London at eight, and to Italy by the age of thirteen. So you can tell that he was destine to become a great musician. Mozart's writing was full of compassion, blend of melody and grace, and precision. He began producing minuets and other small pieces for harpsichord, and several sonatas for the harpsichord and violin. Music came as easy as breathing. Mozart had a great ear. He listened to the Miserere of Allegri, which could only be in Rome during Holy Week. It was a punishment to rewrite any of the music that you had heard but Mozart heard the work only once and after coming home he rewrote it all exactly on paper. But instead of punishing Mozart the Pope praised him and gave him some very nice gifts. The following autumn, the Mozart's were back in Italy for Mozart to fulfill his commission for Milan and bring to.
             completion his opera seria, Mitradate, re di Ponte. At the performance of Mitridate on Christmas day of 1770, the work was a phenomenal success. The next couple of years there is really nothing. In 1777, he and his mother left on a tour but the Archbishop refused Leopold to leave. But the music world would be difficult to become top dog in. Now he was twenty -one years of age and a child no longer. On the road in the summer of 1778 his mother pasted away. There were those who were very upset that Mozart was a genius and the others thought that he was still a child and did not want to listen. On 4 August 1782 Mozart was married to Konstanze Weber, youngest sister of his one-time beloved Aloysia. The ceremony was a simple one, the only ones present being the bride's mother and youngest sister, two witnesses, and a friend of the family.

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