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Amadeus Reflection

            December 4, 1792 was the date that the great Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died. Years later, many saw his death as a great tragedy, which also contains phenomenal mystery that plagues them. In this movie, Amadeus, the extravagances of grandeur costumes and buildings are breathtaking. Although the myth about Salieri had murdered Mozart could be declared wrong, it is still a movie of great accomplishment and drama that captures the souls of many Mozart fans. .
             This romantic recreation of Mozart's life is quite wrong in several ways. But many have taken it for granted, including myself. However after some research out of great curiosity, I've proved myself wrong. .
             The first and possibly the most apparent myth is that Antonio Salieri killed Mozart. But first of all there are several reasons why Salieri is portrayed this way. Mozart's death was extreme sudden and unexpected one, which at that time no one knew the actual cause. Also Mozart believed that someone was poisoning him with the mysterious appearance of an anonymous "man in grey" commissioning him for a "Mass for the Dead." Finally, Salieri had indeed confessed to murdering Mozart. However, this confession came many years later when he was confined in an asylum being completely insane. The chances of him had killed Mozart were rather slim considering that he was merely a business colleague. A close relationship was never established between the two and it is needed for Salieri to have poisoned Mozart. Aside from this myth that Salieri was the murder, many historians and modern physicians have concluded that Mozart died from a sudden attack of rheumatic fever which he often suffered as a child. The last and fatal attack accumulated from many previous ones could have been the murder. Until recently, an American doctor concluded that Mozart died from eating pork chop. "Dr. Jan V. Hirshmann says Mozart experienced symptoms of fever, rash and swollen limbs are consistent with trichinosis -- caused by eating a worm-infected pork chop.

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