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Comparing Manhattan

            How does the director portray different aspects of life in NY city?.
             The film Manhattan portrays a different sort of life than the series the sopranos. Manhattan shows a hectic way of life whereas the sopranos has a more laid back approach.
             The film Manhattan at the start has classical Gershwin music which creates an atmosphere of romance. We notice this by seeing a couple on a balcony kissing. The music is playing as the narrator is speaking about his life in New York and what it is like at the time, there were quick snappy shots of famous places in New York such as the empire state buildings and the Twin Towers.
             The director used these quick snappy shots to give you a quick view of some of the highlights in New York and try's to persuade you to watch the film. It is hard to see any lighting effects because the film was made in the 1950's and was Black and White. The only piece of noticeable lighting was the big neon street lights on the buildings. The director creates an effect of a rich well educated elegant city. when you see high rise buildings, neon lights and posh yellow cabs this shows a posh and elegant city.
             The film sopranos from the start has energetic up beat music which is complete the opposite from the Manhattan film. His voice has a hard edge that seems to go very well with the music. The director wanted to make you see a part of a typical gangster but really he has the life of a ordinary working class person. The director created this by the man wearing big gold jewellery and slick back hair with a chunky cigar this is what you would usually imagine from a gangster film so therefore you would portray this as a gangster film with maybe some dodgy deals. The man drives over a bridge which is symbolic of crossing a divide this tells us that maybe he is a commuter. There are several things that tell us he is a wealthy American, he has a big sedan car big gold jewellery and a big house.

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