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Scientific Method

            The information in the movie that we watched was about people making experiments to prove that people don't have super natural powers. This in many ways relates to the scientific method. In the scientific method there are five steps in an experiment, you see most of these steps used in the movie. .
             The five steps in a scientific method are, Observing, making a hypothesis, making a prediction, testing these predictions, and then repeating steps 3 and 4 until there are no differences between the two. You see these steps being taken in the movie. An example would be when nurses believe that they have the power to heal with simply movie there hands over a human body and feeling where there is more pressure, and where there is less pressure. This relates to the scientific method when a girl does a science project to try and prove that they are wrong. The first step that she takes in doing this, is observing. She observes what the nurses are doing. Then she made a hypothesis saying that it wasn't true, and the nurses couldn't feel anything. She made a prediction that the nurses wouldn't be able to feel which hand she was holding her hand over. Then she tested it out, and held her hand over the nurse's hands, and recorded her results. Then she repeated that a few times with several different nurses to prove that they couldn't really feel the human energy field. .
             In the movie there were several experiments done to prove that humans to not have super natural powers. Within these experiments you see all the steps that are taken in the scientific method. You see people proving their predictions using the steps in the scientific method. .

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