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Forensic Experts

             Forensic experts Are scientist that specialise in material examination that is related to a crime. They analyse, classify, and identify physical evidence and use it to determine exactly what happened at the site of the criminal activity. They travel to the sites and collect evidence, take photographs, and make out special features of the site. They occasionally have to go to court to present their finding and act as a witness. Most of their work is done in the laboratory. There are many different types of forensic experts, some include fingerprint classifiers, identification technicians, toxicologists and many others.
             Education/ Major Requirements .
             Students interested in becoming a forensic expert should concentrate mainly on science courses. They should also take some computer courses. They will also need to have the basics of spoken and written communications because they will always have to write very, very detailed reports or appear in court. In college or university, you must take crime lab work courses. Some include anatomy, physiology, chemistry, or biology. The courses may also be grouped together as criminal justice. The minimum certification is a bachelor's degree. In some places you must also take a licensing exam. You will also receive on site training. .
             Salary/ Benefits.
             The salary for a forensic expert ranges in each place of employment. When you first start as a forensic expert, you will be paid about $20000 (US) per year. If you have your bachelor's degree, along with two to five years of experience can receive $30000 to $40000 (US). Once you have an advanced degree, you can make $50000 to well over $100000 (US) per year. There are a lot of benefits along with this job. There is vacation time, workers compensation, insurance, retirement programs and many more. .
             Special Skills/ Abilities/ Attributes Required.
             If you have any computer courses it will help you a lot because you may work the finger print classifiers.

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