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Junk Food In Schools

            Children these days during school hours are eating unhealthier than they have ever before. With schools being a good influence on children they should also teach them good eating habits. By not teaching kids these responsibilities sooner they will have to suffer the consequences later in life. Vending machines in schools should not be aloud at all under any circumstances. I think personally they are the worst for a growing young children/adult bodies. Without the proper nutrition it will affect them in many ways. It will soon lead to obesity if they continue with the process for a while, and it can cause many health problems. .
             The pyramid is taught in thousands of schools around the country and focuses on the five main food groups: dairy, which includes milk and cheese; meat, which includes poultry, beef, fish, and pork; vegetables; fruits and grains, which includes bread, cereal and pasta. At the top of the pyramid are fats, oils and sweets, and when we were taught we were always told not to consume too much of them. How can we teach that but yet promote the selling of junk food while in school hours. Since young people spend a large part of their waking hours in school, we shouldn't promote these kinds of foods because it is only getting them into a horrible habit of eating. .
             The USDA says that saturated fats are particularly harmful and should be kept to an absolute minimum. But a piece of Pizza has five grams of saturated fat, which is just less than one-quarter of the recommended daily allowance of saturated fat. Many schools serve high-fat foods, such as pizza for lunch. This is teaching children in schools that eating unhealthy is okay and that it can be promoted. Teaching children the foundation of good nutrition is important if the children are to develop healthy eating habits. But its not being taught correctly if the schools can sell food that is not healthy for children that are still growing.

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