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Working Out for Better Health

            Are you worried about your appearance, and your confidence is diminished? Working out can be a really helpful towards changing a person's life. In my experience working out has changed many things about me, such as: appearance, self-confidence, diet, lifestyle, social life, and etc. The effects of working out can really be beneficial towards anyone. I personally have been working out for five years in consistency, and the results are astonishing. .
             Being active with your life can surly help you achieve small goals, thus helping create more goals to keep yourself busy. Working out occupies your time and makes you productive. I always was the type to be lazy and sit on the coach playing video games. My diet was junk food and more junk food. I would not drink water, but I drank soda every single day. I would never be active and lay around in my bed all day. Surely enough, my dad had enough and decided that I was to get a gym membership. The first month of going to the gym with my dad I did not like it, because it required me to be active and productive. I was reading something on an article about how people got six pack abs and huge upper body muscles. My determination began to grow for this hobby. By the time I reached my first year of working out on and off. I saw some results, but not significant results. My arms got a little bigger, and I lost some body fat. I was more confident in talking to people around me. A lot of people started to see my results, from a year's difference.
             I figured if working out really does help a person overcome their unhealthy life styles; why doesn't everyone workout? That's when it hits me; patience is required in order to see results. Working out gave me an attribute called patience and resiliency. I had to endure a lot to get to where my current self is. Working out taught me to wait for results and changed my predilection towards life. It showed me life is not a race, and that I should enjoy the ride while I'm young.

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