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Tracking My Diet for Better Health

            Before going into this assignment, I already knew that my diet was poor. Between going to school full time, working full time, and having very limited skills in the kitchen, it is very difficult for me to have time and energy to cook proper meals or eat healthy. After completing this assignment however, I learned just how poor my diet really is and that I am in need of drastic changes. I tracked my diet from a Thursday to a Saturday. I spend my weekends at work so I thought this was the best time to track my diet because it is a pretty accurate description of what I eat. I am constantly on the go and very busy all week long. I do not set aside enough time to cook meals. My place of employment is in a restaurant so I either bring snacks with me or I order something off of our menu. The first thing that caught my attention on my nutrient report was that I am OK in my sodium intake. I am constantly putting salt on most of my foods, which is a habit I am trying to stray from. I also usually eat a lot of foods that contain high sodium. I am a soup lover! Usually, most people's diets are high in sodium so I was shocked to see that mine was not. I am hoping that this is a continuous trend and I didn't just end up eating low sodium foods this weekend! My sodium intake is something that I worry about, so I am glad to see that I am doing OK. .
             Most Americans are also very high in carbohydrates and protein. Everyone loves meet and pasta! I do as well. Protein is one of the higher areas in most people's diets because of our abundant supply of meat, chicken, beef, pork, and fish. I love to eat steaks and burgers, but as mentioned earlier I do not have the time or skills to cook these so I only eat them if I am out for dinner or on break at work. I suppose this is why I scored under in both of these. I would like to incorporate more protein in my diet but not by eating greasy burgers all the time. I could start cooking eggs for breakfast and snacking on nuts on my breaks.

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