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Crohn's Disease - Dietary Analysis

            As someone with Crohn's Disease, it is important that I pay extra attention to what I eat. It helps me figure out which foods work for me and which don't. It also helps me figure out how I can get my intake of certain dietary needs without upsetting my ulcer. This assignment's purpose is to examine my dietary intake to better understand the ways in which the foods I consumer are either helping or hurting my healthy overall. By analyzing my diet and comparing it to the recommended intake, I will learn how too much or little of certain things are either good or bad for my wellbeing. This assignment will mainly focus on three important nutrients that are important for one's health: protein, fats, and fiber. My daily intake will be analyzed after three days to determine what foods are supplying the right type of proteins and fiber, and how you can adjust food consumption to provide for a healthier nutrient intake. .
             After entering my dietary intake for three consecutive days, I noticed a consistent pattern of an overconsumption of protein. My intake was 148% for the daily recommended intake; 59.62 grams while the recommended intake is 40.28. At first I wasn't sure whether or not I should be concerned about that. I had heard that too much protein could be a bad thing, but after some research, I came to realize that was a myth. I have made it a point to consume quite a bit of protein in my diet as it fills me up and doesn't make me eat as often as I normally would. That helps me quite a bit as a college student that also works part-time and doesn't have time to be eating six small meals throughout the day like I'd like to. .
             The amount of fat I ate those three days was also something of concern. My total fat percentage for all three days was 133%. I am trying to lose about five to eight pounds and the fact that my fat percentage is so high is worrying to me. Although some of my fats, such as avocado, eggs, olive oil, etc.

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