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            The purpose of the nurse-training course is to train people to work in a health care agency. The health care agencies deal with health promotion, disease prevention, detection and treatment of disease, and rehabilitation. Health promotion deals with the person's physical and mental well being. Things included with this is diet, exercise, and unhealthy habits like: smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. People are also taught how to cope with their certain illness they have to live with day to day. Disease prevention is detecting signs of certain disease before they become serious problems. It deals with the persons life-style and if not dealt with in the early stages can cause problems down the road. The detection and the treatment are done through tests, examinations. When some certain disease is detected only then can it be treated with the appropriate medicine to prevent death or further illness. Usually after someone goes through all of this the health care team will send them to be rehab. This is to get them to their highest level of functioning. This gives the person time to learn certain things he/she might have forgotten or not know about the disease. It helps to go to rehabilitation for a complete treatment. .
             There are many types of health care agencies like: hospitals, hospices, and long-term care centers just to name a few. Each place is setup for certain patients that come for assistants in health. A nurses assistant usually can work in any of these establishments as long as they have the proper training in the area their going to be working with. .
             This course is set up to teach use how to give bed care to people in a nursing home or hospital environment. We also learn proper health care terms and about treatments and preventions for diseases. When we have finished our work book and completed 50% of our tar we are able to get hands on training at Applevally nursing home.

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