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Views on Professional Nursing

            Before beginning any nursing courses the thoughts of professional nursing were quite narrow. Any person with the essential education and skills of nursing science would be a professional nurse. Also one should look and act like a professional. Possessing a certain attitude with rigid standards pertaining to morals and ethics. When our education continued we were taught about nursing processes and evidence based theories. Then as we became nurses the idea of professional nursing broadened. With the knowledge and skills that were attained it became evident that as a professional one must be dedicated and accountable in every area that is practiced. After reading chapters one and two in Leddy and Pepper's Conceptual bases of professional nursing it was evident how divided our profession is due to what education we have received. In this essay the readings pertaining to the divide over education and the idea of nursing as not quite meeting the requirements of being classified as a profession will be discussed as these were the readings which made the greatest impression. It is clear that continued education is vital to any professional nurse in any area of practice.
             To reflect more on views that were thought previous to the readings professional nursing was thought to be just that; a nurse that carried themselves professionally. Meaning that they truly desired to be part of their profession. Providing their clients with compassionate, safe, unbiased care. All the while using their knowledge, evidence based practices, and learned skills to secure the best outcome for these clients. Our appearance is also a part of professional nursing. This starts with personal hygiene and wearing appropriate uniforms and accessories in each area we practice. Our clients' trust and confidence in us forms as soon as we enter a room. Finally our confidence in our own skills and nursing processes along with experience strengthens the idea of professional nursing.

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