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Army nursing

             "l Ready, Caring, Proud", this motto of the United States Army Nurse Corps" (ANC) is highly upheld by nurses in the corps. Since it was first established in 1901 the ANC's hard work, dedication, and bravery has saved thousands of soldier's lives, both in and out of combat. The ANC has been in every major conflict that the United States has taken part in and served as a critical factor in the outcome of those wars. When Army nurses are not pulling wounded soldiers off the battlefield or removing grenade fragments from them, they are found in Army medical hospitals and clinics all over the world, carrying out the same practices as any civilian nurse. Army nursing, however, offers several advantages and benefits that most civilian nurses never experience, including free higher education, travel opportunities and a variety of financial benefits.
             Today, education is the key to success. The higher a person's education, the more window of opportunities there are. Therefore, the Army strongly encourages their nurses to pursue higher levels of education by providing a variety of fully paid educational programs, which include specialty courses and post-graduate programs. For the first year in the profession, officer nurses will spend most of their time learning and gaining a greater understanding of military healthcare. Also, during this time, they will be introduced to a number of specialty fields so they can get a better view of a specific area in which they might like to work. After the first year of practice, officer nurses are eligible to apply for specialty courses taught at various Army installations around the country. If selected, nurses will attend intensive training courses lasting anywhere from nine to 20 weeks in one of six areas to include, Critical Care Nursing, Emergency Nursing, Preoperative Nursing, Obstetrical and Gynecological Nursing, Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing, and Community Health Nursing.

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