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The Civil War

             The Civil War started in mid April 1861 and lasted until mid April 1865. This four- year war was fought between the federal government and 11 Southern states that asserted their right to separate from the union. To main reasons for this war is that the union and the Confederacy had differing opinions on things such as, sectional rivalry, the question of extension of slavery into new territories, and the disagreement about federal control over states' rights. In this war three million soldiers fought and 600,000 died, and property damage was estimated at $5 billion.
             It is known in the South as the War Between the States, and by the official union designation of war of the rebellion. The Missouri compromise of 1820 and the compromise of 1850 were unsuccessful efforts towards a peaceful solution. The election of Lincoln as president and the secession of South Carolina on December 20th if 1860, soon followed by six other Southern states, no doubt lead toward war. Hostilities began when federal troops were moved to Fort Sumter South Carolina, and federal general P.G.T. Beauregard obeyed orders to fire on the fort on April 12, 1861. Four more states seceded, making the total 11 Confederate States. Early battles were Confederate victories. Beauregard defeated Irvin Dowell on July 21st at the First Battle of Bull Run. In 1862, G.B. McClellan's Peninsular Campaign was foiled by Confederate commander Robert E. Lee. In September, however, Lee's Antietam campaign was checked by McClellan, and Lincoln drafted the Emancipation Proclamation. The year ended with a union defeat on December 13th at Fredericksburg, and spring brought a resounding confederate victory, May 2nd through fourth, 1863 at Chancellorsville, where Lee lost his ablest general, General Stonewall Jackson. Confederate fortunes turned when Lee undertook the Gettysburg campaign, June through July 1863. Meanwhile, the Union Navy had blockaded the southern coast, and D.

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