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How does Eisenstein use montage and shot composition?

            How does Eisenstein use montage and shot composition? .
             In this essay I am going to discuss particularly Sergei Eisenstein"s shot composition and montage in the famous scene The Odessa Steps in Sergei's film Battleship Potemkin. I am going to concentrate upon the techniques that Eisenstein uses to get his message across to the audience, such as the use of juxta pose to catch your eye and the way he stretches time by using several different shots. .
             You may wonder why Eisenstein's use of intellectual montage catches the eye so well this is because he didn't want to make it easy to watch, cause then it would be easier to forget, he wanted it to be unforgettable. He does this by catching your eye because when you first look at it you wonder why is that where it is? which is what gets you interested. .
             Then after he has got your attention he starts to establish the narrative. He also uses a fair bit of mid shots. Which enables you to gather the person's emotions and yet still realize her whereabouts and situation. This also helps establish the narrative which is much harder to do in silent film.
             Also the reasonably close cut shots of several different scenarios gives the dramatic affect of chaos happening everywhere. Like when he singles out one person the focus is on them but the rush of frantic bodies in the background gives it that hectic feeling. This is because of his great skills in manipulating filmic time even though he drags the massacre on much longer than it really would have happened. He still makes it feel like it is all happening at once. In fact Eisenstein was inventing new ways of showing action in film. This was copied by many other directors throughout the history of cinema. .
             He uses his almost godlike skills of manipulating cinema to make the soldiers seem so powerful yet without emotion. For example when the woman with the dead baby stands and stares at them almost as if she is looking for there compassion but when they shoot you find that there is none and they are even more brutal than before.

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