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Propganda Films

             The term has been devalued over the years. It has been followed by negative connotations; it is the term that is used for what the enemy engages in to force false beliefs upon its people. But it is hidden under disguise in ones" homeland as information or publicity. Therefore propaganda is always perceived as a foreign idea to people of a nation. The reason is that information is delivered daily through a familiar source called the media. The extent of governmental influence varies. Due to freedom of press and speech, the media in the United States may not be as influenced by government as other nations under complete government control. There are many forms of media, each with varying power. .
             It can be argued that motion picture is the only true mass medium. Propagandists found it especially attractive when they compared it to other types of media. Although television, newspapers, and radio reach the majority of people, they cannot capture the attention that a motion picture demands upon a viewer. These forms of media are exposed to people in their homes and cars, both of which provide many distractions to the audience. The motion picture is the only form of media where the viewer is closed off from outside distraction. This area contains only the audience, the screen, and the sounds. Cinema is the only true mass medium. .
             This is true for both silent film and sound film. The outstanding difference is that the sound film is capable of conveying more complex and subtle information. But the level of comprehension for an audience in a sound film is far less than that of a silent film. Audiences often must be experienced in understanding both visual and spoken language. Silent film offers a truly universal appeal. It can be understood by anybody, not limited by language, culture, or literacy. The effects of a silent film may vary based on its implications towards a culture, and the film's influence on a culture.

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