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The Desire Within

             Desire is something that cannot be tamed, altered, or figured out.
             When you desire, you long for something, crave it, or you need it.
             3. You can desire for a lottery ticket you have just purchased to be the big winner, or you can also desire to have the touch of your lovers warm skin brush over your body.
             4. For the most of us, the major part of out lives are centered around desire.
             5. We are all so habituated that we take this as very natural and do not ever think twice about it.
             6. In modern times we even go to the extent of affirming that the satisfaction of our desires is necessary.
             7. On the other hand, all spiritual paths insist on the importance of overcoming our desires.
             8. The Buddha said that desire comes from ignorance.
             9. I think that it is more or less that.
             10.It is something inside us that tells us that we need something else in order to be satisfied.
             11.The proof that it is true ignorance is that when one has satisfied that desire that they crave, one no longer cares for that desire.
             12.If we really think about the word, the origin of desire could be love.
             13.I believe that it is love in its most obscurest and most unconscious form.
             14.It is the need to be joined with something, an attraction, a love so strong, you desire it.
             15.Some also say there is a greater joy in overcoming a desire than satisfying it.
             16.For instance there is that unexplainable desire of a drug addict who is addicted to a substance.
             17.Once the substance was void of his body, he later realized that the unfulfillment of that desire led to a happier, healthier life.
             18.Desire comes in many forms.
             19.It is a terrible, incredible, sad, and frustrating state of being.
             20.Individuals react differently to desires based on their current state of mind.
             21.If an individual is in a depressed state of mind, their instinctive desire could be a violent state or could be that of a reclusive state.
             22.Either desire fulfillment could be a bad or a great thing.

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