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Dracula-Repressed Desires

             We live in a society that promotes freedom, yet oppresses our innate desires and inclinations. Bram Stoker's novel, Dracula, depicts this contradiction by contrasting Lucy Westenra as a mortal to her character as a vampire. Although these two characters appear to be opposites, vamped Lucy is actually the expression of the true feelings and desires that Lucy fights to repress as a mortal. An analysis of the dual nature of Lucy's character, as well as the reactions Lucy elicits from the other characters in the novel, suggests that in a civilized society people are taught to seek traditional outlets for their sexually aggressive urges and to consider open expressions of sexuality culturally taboo. .
             As a mortal, Lucy constantly fights to repress her inner desires in order to adhere to societal ideals of proper behavior. She is forced to channel her innate sexual tendencies in a manner that follows social behavioral rules. Accordingly, Lucy has "an old habit of walking in her sleep,"" which she uses as an outlet to act in a manner that would, under normal circumstances, be discouraged by the general public (Stoker, 93). For example, during one of Lucy's sleepwalking episodes, she leaves her home and wanders the streets clad in her nightdress. This episode reflects Lucy's "dreaming intention- to walk around in more provocative and sexual clothing than she is socially permitted to wear (Stoker, 109). Furthermore, in trying to remain within the frameworks of socially acceptable behavior, Lucy tries to satisfy her pleasure-seeking urges by fantasizing about Arthur holding her, and by "[counting] the moments- until she sees him (Stoker, 93). However, fantasizing does not sufficiently satisfy Lucy's sexual desires and thus, she sleepwalks to .
             Stefanie Greenberg pp.2.
             communicate her culturally forbidden erotic tendencies. She subconsciously acts out her fantasy of " [taking Arthur] up to the seat on the churchyard cliff- by sleepwalking there to meet with Dracula instead.

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