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Sexual Desire

             Not all people can have the best sex life in the world. Some of us may come across a few sexual disorders in our lifetime. For instance, the sexual desire disorder is actually a situation to where you have a lack of sexual interest. The cause actually can have many forms. A person who practices abstinence wouldn't actually have an interest in sex. Even then, some people might have had a traumatic situation in their life such as rape in their childhood. But for a person who lacks luster in his or her life might have an imbalance in their testosterone level. Testosterone is the hormone that creates the sexual desires of the human mind and body. .
             Some males who have this may also have (ISD) Inhibited Sexual Desire, loss of desire that disrupts sexual relationships. The symptoms of ISD are caused by alcoholism, liver or kidney disease, chronic illness, etc ISD is not only found in males but also in females. Sometimes this small dysfunction can be countered by a small amount of time with your partner/mate. Reading books and or taking classes on communication. Even a nice talk can add sexual intimacy into the relationship.
             To have a sexual disorder doesn't necessarily mean that you are sexually depressed and or sexually impotent. But it might mean that you are stressed, anxiety, or you may simply have a communication problem. So for people who seem to have a sexual disorder and believe that it may be a chemical imbalance, they might be right. But for the majority of society it is actually a communication problem, and it is all in your head.
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