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Sexual Behavior

            According to some theorists love, mating, sexual behavior and sexual orientation are caused and controlled by evolutionary and biological factors. However, other theorists claim that psychological and cultural factors are the key determinants of these patterns of behavior. Here are details on this controversial nature and nurture debate. In one study sociobiologists a person that is in the field on sociobiology. They believe that male female differences in courtship and mating evolved in response to survival needs. For example in Kenya males compete with other males for access to young and fertile females, and to try to inseminate the most females to win. (A man who fathered 899 children in this regard achieved the record).
             Social biological and evolutionary views of sex differences are becoming popular. Tom Wolfe explained this. He said that men are "genetically" wired to be monogamous. "It is to a man's evolutionary advantage to sow his seeds far and wide. Woman .
             Seek mates in the best genes and the most to invest in offspring.
             The study of motivation is indeed the study of what moves us, why we do what we do. To Psychologists, motivation refers to any process to cause a person or animal to move toward a goal. One biological factor that seems promote sex desire is hormone testosterone. The role of testosterone has been documented in studies of male sex offenders have been given synthetic hormones that suppress the production of testosterone. Hormones do not cause sexual behavior or any other behavior. Testosterone may be benefit to woman who unusually low level of it, as might occur if their ovaries were removed, but for most woman psychological factors influence sexual desire far more than hormone levels do.
             To most people, the primary motives for sex are pretty obvious, to enjoy the pleasure of it, to express love and intimacy, or to make a baby. Psychologist states that sexiest sex organ is the brain, where perception begins.

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