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Sexual Desires In Dracula

            Our bodies are filled with a need to be sexually fulfilled, but the way in which these sexual desires are accomplished differs between men and women. In The novel Dracula, by Bram Stoker, the author presents both the similarities and differences in the way male and female characters are presented sexually. The erotic situations they are placed in and the symbolism of sex is a constant motif in the novel. These sexual interactions all seem to stem from one focal point. That focal point being Count Dracula. Dracula has manipulated almost all the characters and created a sense of sexual chaos in his never- ending search for blood.
             In the novel, both men and women are represented as capable of performing lewd acts that run parallel to the idea of rape. The male characters are introduced into performing the act in the scene that takes place at the site of Lucy's burial. Convinced Lucy has been transformed into a vampire, Van Helsing has persuaded Dr. Seward and Arthur to help him in disemboweling Lucy's body and freeing her soul. To accomplish this deed, all three men took hold of a wooden stake, thrusting it through the heart of Lucy's sleeping body. She let out a blood-curdling scream, as red foam poured from her mouth. This passage is filled with sexual undertones and tension. The mixture of violence intertwined with multiple men "penetrating" one woman creates a feeling of rape taking place. Although this action seemed essential, the situation still creates a feeling of uneasiness for the reader. It's as almost if you feel remorse for Lucy having to endure this punishment, since the men clearly don't have any remorse. The lack of sympathy in the men enhances the feeling of rape taking place. They have full control of Lucy's limp body, making it feel like they are taking advantage of what seems to be just an innocent girl.
             Stoker proved that women are also capable of being sexually dominant, also committing acts symbolic of rape.

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