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Compare and Contrast 2 version

            Version One and Version Two of The Little Red Riding Hood story contains basically the same story planning details but differ widely in their interpretations using different themes and ideas. Version One suggests a gothic horror story based upon the Dracula myth, creating cleverly, a werewolf from a wolf, which as the wolf converses with humans, thinks plots and acts against humans, produces him to be a more suitable character. In contrast, Version Two of The Little Red Riding Hood parallels closely to the original tale, deliberately avoiding the violence upon which version one seems to be based on. .
             Within Version One, the usage of a "werewolf" creates a sense of intimidation while at the same time portrays it to appear plausible. In addition, the purpose of introducing " the path of needles or the path of pins" suggests a forest full of weapons that could harm individuals. With the aid of a detrimental nature, a perception of aggressiveness releases the main approach of the story. In comparison to Version One, Version Two restrains the need to base it on aggressiveness and instead pursues a more stimulating mood by reflecting the desire in which the wolf possesses for Little Red Riding Hood, "In passing through a wood she met old neighbor wolf, who had a great desire to eat her. But he did not dare because of some woodcutters who were in the forest." This raises excitement, while Version One consists of terror.
             The traditionally repetitive dialogues where Little Red Riding Hood begins to question her grandmother, indicates a sign of threat, "What big ears you have Grandmother!" Whilst sharing similarity of the repetitive patterns of the dialogue, Version One appended grisly descriptions, " Oh, Granny, what big nails you have!" In order to provide the same ordeal that it had begun with, and to increase the larger sense of threat, words such as; eyes, claws and teeth were replaced with more horrid verbs such as; nostrils, nails and mouth.

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