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Civil War: North vs South

            America is filled with much diversity. Not just in race, but in beliefs, morals, and outlooks on life. Many people have different views, different opinions and different actions that they take in order to achieve their goals and dreams in life. In the early 1800's, many changes were brought upon the United States. With the Civil War, and the different battles that were being fought, the ending result was that the North and the South had developed into different economies and social institutions. One of the essential differences was the presence or absence of slavery. The North and South began dividing over the issue of slavery and its spread into the territories. .
             In most cases, one thing always needs to the next. Before the Civil War, there were many abolitionists that had campaigns trying to get their opinion to reach others. People like Nat Turner who had led a rebellion, William Lloyd Garrison, Theodore Weld, Sojourner Truth, Fredrick Douglas, the Grimke sisters and many more worked endless hours trying to voice their opinions. Sarah and Angelina Grimke led the fight for a place for women in the antislavery movement. They also even moved out of their home because their father was a slave owner. According to document 1, Angelina Grimke makes a valid point that slavery is contrary to our declaration of independence, and to human rights. She also says that, "Slavery in America reduces a man to a thing, robs him of all his rights as a human being- Both of the Grimke sisters believed that women could bring about change and that whatever was morally right for a man to do, it was also morally right for a woman to do. When Nat Turner had led the slave rebellion, it led go harsher slave codes afterwards. Not that far after that, there became a National Fugitive Slave Law. Many northerners considered this Law too harsh. The law required all citizens to assist in capturing a fugitive slave.

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