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Song of Solomon

            In the novel, "Song of Solomon," Tony Morrison tells a story full of strange occurrences and unbelievable feats. The way in which she writes allows space for the reader to interpret the paranormal in the story as truth or legend. Many things are left as questions and unanswered thoughts. However, I believe these extraordinary things are to be taken as actual occurrences, as there are many told, and in fact add to the important details in the novel.
             One such paranormal event that occurs in the novel is told from the perspective of Freddie. He speaks to Milkman of the death of his mother. In the office of Meacon Dead Freddie testifies that a ghost killed his mother. His claim was that as his mother and her friend were walking across the yard they looked up to see a women walking towards them. Trying to discover whom the women was, Freddie's mother yelled "howdy" and instantly the women turned into a white bull. His mother fell to the ground into labor pains and only lived long enough for Freddie to be delivered. Hence Freddie was always associated with being strange as no one else had even been brought here by a white bull.
             Just as an unusual occurrence happened to Milkman's mother. He speaks of the event to his best friend Guitar in the bar. On pg. 104 it says "With out knowing he was going to, he began to describe to Guitar a dream he had had about his mother. He called it a dream because he didn't want to tell him it had really happened, that he had really seen it." He goes in to detail about the phenonmenon that had occurred. As he watched his mother dig and plant bulbs in the ground, instantly they began to grow from the holes she had previously dug. They continued to grow stalks, leafs and bloody red heads that touched her dress and back. She playfully hit them as they grew to surround her until they began to smother her with only her shoulders and arms protruding. Eventually she was dragged to the ground and smothered by the snapping heads, and yet she still giddily kicked at them, without any real effort to save herself.

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