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Scottsboro Trials vs Maycomb

             As I read the accounts of "the Scottsboro Trials" the similarities between the trials of those teens and the trial of Tom Robinson were uncanny. Harper Lee used these true life trials as a basis for Tom Robinson's trial in the book "To Kill a Mockingbird". One of the most obvious similarities would be the fact that both trials take place in the same state around the same time era. Also both trials entail a white woman claiming she was raped by a black man. In both instances none of the relevant evidence is noticed and the verdicts are based, not upon the truth, but instead upon the color of the skin of the accused. "Do not quibble over the evidence: Say to yourselves we"re tired of this job and put it behind you. Get it done quick and protect the fair womanhood of this state" this quote from Prosecutor Hutson describes the general attitude of the public in both settings of these trials. Finally, I believe that Lee used Haywood Patterson's quote "The courtroom was one big smiling white face" as her overview for the court scenes in her book "To Kill a Mocking bird". Though these two tales seem entirely parallel there were some minor differences. Some of these include the fact that the men of Scottsboro went on to receive more national support (NCAAP; IDL), more than one trial, and in some cases parole. Also the Scottsboro trials were long and more drug out than Tom's trial was. Unlike Tom Robinson, the Scottsboro boys were a group and therefore it was harder to be sure that everyone's stories were in compliance with each other. This made it very easy for attorneys to "mess with the minds" of the men while they were questioning them. In summation Harper Lee drew many circumstances from the Scottsboro trials. Though these two stories both reflect very poorly on human society, they teach many valuable lessons and are very important for us to understand. .

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