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History of Racism in the Courts

             The history of racism in the courts has gone down throughout the last few decades. Each decade there is less discrimination as the last. In 1930s the Scottsboro boys may have not gotten a fair trial at first but today the courts have less racism and is given black men more of a fair trial. The Kobe Bryant case is one example of a more fair trial than the Scottsboro case.
             In 1931 a train that was stopped in Scottsboro because some men were thrown off the train. Nine black boys and two white women were taken off the train in Scottsboro. The nine black men were tried for rape of two white women, they got the death penalty the first time they were tried. Their cases were kicked back to Scottsboro from the supreme court. Each time they had a trial in Scottsboro their cases were becoming more and more fairer. Though they were proven innocent, they still were held responsible for the alleged rapes on the train. Finally all nine boys were released and were given their freedom. .
             A black teen named Brenton Buttler was tried for killing a white elderly women in the 1990s. The only reason he was tried was because a cop pulled him over to talked to him and the victim's husband said he was the killer. Brenton didn't have money and he only had an attorney that was provided for from the state. Unlike Scottsboro he did have a few blacks in his jury. He was proven innocent and the actual killer was found and tried as well as convicted. Buttler got a fair trial. .
             Though the Scottsboro boys didn't get a fair trial, now most people get a fair trial. Like the Scottsboro boys, Kobe Bryant is also being tried for rape of a young white female. It may be because he is a rich and famous basketball player or because he has a good expensive lawyer, he is getting a better trial than the boys in the 1930s. Bryant's case may go to an actual trial, but there is some evidence that may make Kobe Bryant innocent. His case may be viewed as an unfair advantage because of his celebrity status.

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