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            Throughout the past few hundred centuries, the terms racism, and it's discourse, have reared it's ugly head upon society after society .
             all over the earth in one way, shape or form. Racism is a concept which refers to the assumptions, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours of .
             individuals as well as to the institutional policies, processes, and practices that flow from this understanding (Henry, 5). In North America, and .
             more specifically Canada, racism has become an issue of great debate over the years culiminating in many movements to end ineqaulity and .
             racism and on the flipside, many movements to promote and spread racism and racial discourse througout society. The question of whether .
             Canada is a racist country and society has been debated to great length. By analyzing the various key sectors of Canadian society, for .
             example, the public sector, the educational and cultural sectors, and the democratic sector of our government in Canada, one can see that, at .
             the dawn of this 21st century, Canada can be constituted as a "technically" racist country, however they may have also taken the greatest strides .
             in tackling the race issue within their country. It is also important however, to analyze the history of racism in Canada and observe how that has .
             contributed to some of the racial "seeds" which can be found in the racism apparent today in Canadian society.
             Racism in Canada, especially dating back around a century and a half ago, has a long and disturbing history. It's roots can be found by .
             tracing back to 1629, when the first black slave was brought to Canada. In 1792, the Canadian government convinced twelve hundred Nova .
             Scotian blacks to accept an offer from the Sierra Leone company to sail for West Africa. Many who went were pillars in the black community, .
             mostly teachers, preachers, and community leaders (Henry,70). Perhaps the most well known and documented case of early racism in Canada .

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