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Contemporary poetry

            Many people have said that contemporary poetry just does not fit in; it does not follow the rules; it does not belong. Even through discussions with my parents I have found that they view it in the same way, saying that the poet is only " throwing words at you to get a particular emotion, and the only emotion I usually feel is confusion." Others say that the poets are purely defiant and refuse to follow the standards and rules of formal poetry. Comments like these are essentially the reason that contemporary poets write the way they do, to clash against the conformity of typical standardized poems in order to be appreciated apart from the renowned poetry of the past. The reason for this so called rebellion is because some poets, including Ed sanders, claim that poetry "has no guts no moxy-and that it needs to more aggressive in its approach. I must admit that I was among the group that thought contemporary poetry was merely nonsense writings from a group of people not quite in their right minds. Even if some of that statement may be factual, I learned from the studying and analyzing done in class, that contemporary poets are not always necessarily eccentrics and that their poetry requires intense thought, compassion and creativity. Now that I have studied them more carefully, I can more fully appreciate the art of contemporary poetry and the people that write them.
             One of the first things that I learned from the video was how hard it actually is to write modern poetry. Its neither a simple act of rebellion, nor is it an effortless hobby done in someone's spare time. It is art. The poet does not just randomly choose words to put in his poem; they have to add in creative language like logopoeia, phanopoeia, and melopoeia, which are all necessary in creating a high-class poem. Also the use of free verse instead of the typical use of rhymes and stanzas help to free the poet from the confines that were previously set by "genuine" poems.

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