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Mr&Mrs Birling Essay for Inspector Calls

             Sheila Birling, sister to Eric are the only people who have any brightness during the play. Sheila doesn't have the cold-heartedness of both her parents that makes them noticeable compared to the other characters. During the play you can see that Sheila sees her farther a hardworking business man who is very impressive in his work, her brother Eric, is a troubled and uncomfortable person who depends on alcohol to get himself through life. Then there is her mother Syble who is very vain and spiteful. Sheila herself is an attractive and can be quite honest at times throughout the play.
             During the play, you can tell that she is deeply affected by the inspector's disbelief in then when he stars questioning them about the suicide. She is sometimes; it seams, to be on the side of the inspector as her family convey their whereabouts during the suicide. When the inspector starts questioning the family/characters, Sheila is very interested to hear their side of the story. It is as if she wants to question them her self.
             Sheila sees that at the end of the play her parents do not learn from this experience as they try to find a way out of this situation. They don't want to remember what they have experienced and remain the same as if it never happened.
             Sheila is the first to recognise what the Inspector does. He lets the characters drop themselves in it and gets them to admit their connection they had with Eva Smith/Daisy Renton. She can see that the others are hiding from the truth and know that the Inspector knows all about them.
             All the families are shocked while being questioned because they didn't know how much involvement the other family members had in this suicide until the inspector turned up. I think over all every family member played a part in the murder with Mr. Birling firing her and Mrs. Birling turning her away at the Women's Charity Organization. Then with Sheila and the shop incident they had, also there was Eric who gets her pregnant and to top it all, Gerald having an affair with her while being married to Sheila.

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