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Harlem Renaissance

             This term paper will be about the magazine FIRE !! which was published during the time of the Harlem Renaissance.
             For the first time important figures ( writers ) of the Harlem Renaissance worked together, they found out that it was a great chance to show the blacks that, if they stick together, things could work out fine.
             I start to take a short look at the political and social situation of the blacks in the twenties and of course I look at the most influential writers at this time.
             Then I finally come to the actual paper, the magazine FIRE !!. Because the magazine was nearly destroyed by a real fire, only a few copies and a handful of the original editions, which were saved, could make the round in America. After the fire, the editorial staff decided not to work on an other edition and all of the famous writer and painter went their own way. Never before and again in the history of the Harlem Renaissance, so many leading figures of this period came together to write for the rights of the black population in America. At the end there was nothing. Some real good books, important names and the lasting struggle for the same rights for blacks and whites in America are the result of the Harlem Renaissance movement in the beginning of our century. It was not something useless, it was at least an attempt to change something without violence, with the help of something everyone can understand - poetry. And this is the way I look at the poems and short stories like Langston Hughes or Zara Neal Hurston wrote. They wanted to help, but they could not in their time. But maybe some day there will be a change.
             2. A brief introduction to the Harlem Renaissance.
             The Harlem Renaissance is a literary movement also known as "New Negro Movement" or "Negro Renaissance". The literary roots can be traced by writers like Charles W. Chesnutt and Paul Laurence Dunbar in the early 1890s.
             Historians date this event in the period between the First World War and the crash of the stock market of 1929 .

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