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             Mexico is a very large and growing country. The population of Mexico is 100, 350, 000 with an area of 1, 958, 200 sq km were they are both growing rapidly. The principal cities are Mexico City , Zocalo, (it is the national place) and Teotihuacan. The places of interests are again Mexico City, Zona Rosa, Chihuahua-Pacific Railway, and Puerto Vallarta.
             Spain is a very wealthy and great place for a family vacation. The population of Spain is 39.7 million and an area of 504, 784 sq km. The places of interests are the Museo del Prado, Museo Thyssen-Bornemiza, and Real Jardin Botanico. The principal cities are Madrid, Barcelona, Toledo, and Valencia.
             Paraguay is a good and beautiful place to visit . The population is 5, 585, 828 with an area of 407, 000 sq km. The places of interests are were there is a hill-top site of Jesuit reduccion, Parque Nacional Cerro Cora, and Parque Nacional Defensores del Chaco. The principal cities are Asuncion, and The Chaco.
             Uruguay .
             The country of Uruguay is a plesent place for vacation. The population is 3, 334, 074 and the area is 187,000 sq km. The places of interests are Mauseleo de Artigas, Mercado de Puerto, Feria de Tristan Narvaja, the Uruguayan Littoral, and the Uruguyan Riviera. The principal citiy is Montevideo.
             Argentina is a very punctuious and great country. The population is 37, 812, 817 and an area of 2, 776, 890 sq km. The places of interests are the Catedral Metropolintana, Teatro Colon, and the Museo del Cine. The principal cities are Buenos Aries and Cordoba.
             Bolivia has many great things to offer for a family trip. The population is 8, 328, 700 with an area of 1, 098, 580. The places of interests are Cochamba, Sorata, and Tupiza. The principal cities are La Paz and Santa Cruz.
             Colombia is a place of many great beautiful features . The population is 39, 685, 000 with an area of 1, 141, 784 sq km.

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