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Taking Chances

            "Being adventurous is betting on the unknown, willing to jump when you don't know if someone is there to catch you."--Unknown. This is one of my favorite quotes. It says that if you want to be adventurous you have to take chances. This quote takes me back to a night I had last summer. .
             I was meeting up with some friends to go bowling, an exciting night planned by Scott, my boyfriend at the time. It was already eleven o'clock when we got there. It was summer time and we lost track of what day it was, so we did not think ahead about whether or not it would be opened and just assumed it was. Well we were wrong. So there we were, a nice summer night with nothing to do. Sitting on top of our cars, we tried to think of some ideas for what we could do. .
             "Let's go to the swimming hole on the highlands gorge." suggested Scott. His idea was shot down by one of his friends. .
             "Nah, the water up there is pretty cold, and besides none of us have suits." Said Cory. Then it was my best friend, Ashley, who came up with a great idea.
             "Let's go look at haunted houses." Everybody agreed on that one, a night of excitement and adventure sounded fun. The four of us got into Scott's jeep and headed out. So many abandoned houses supposedly are haunted in the small town we lived in. .
             Out of all the houses, we visited that night; only one terrified us all for the most part. The story behind the first house was that a scientist had lived there a long time ago and studied wildlife. The scientist was supposed to report all his findings back to the wildlife preserve he worked at. When he stopped reporting everything back to the preserve, they went up there to check things on him. They never found the scientist and the house was left neglected. Rumor has it he went completely nuts living alone and eventually killed himself in the woods nearby. Silly story, anyways we went up there to check things out. It was very intimidating looking I guess, but nothing spooky really happened so we moved on to the next house.

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