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Description essay: Korean New Years

             Every year, there's one night on which everyone from church, (young, middle-aged, and old), gather and spend together. That night is New Year's eve. While some other folks in America might visit their own family and friends or others might go to New York City and join the crowd at watching the count-down ball blow-up, we, (our church members and I), celebrate in our own semi-traditional fashion. It is partly mixed with Korean culture and our church's own little twist.
             Earlier on before the night begins, several of the older women noisily crowd in the church's kitchen to put their cooking skills to the test. Of course, they make the same thing as they do each year, but it always seems to taste a little better. Few women may be preparing the Korean stew with small rice pastry, shreds of beef, and dried seaweed. One or two ladies may be working on the side egg soup. And finally, as the clock ticks closer to dinnertime, they start cooking the vegetable fried rice, and sometimes sausage as well. Slowly around 6 to 7 pm, the early birds start to arrive and come in the fellowship with empty stomachs. They"re mainly the elders of the church, the pastor, the adults that live nearby, and their children. Unlike the American way, the adults are served with hot, steamy stew first and then the mothers bring their kids into the kitchen to take their own big bowls of stew. When everyone is settled down in their sits, they bring out the trays full of fried rice, soup, and sometimes sausage. In one side of the fellowship room, the elders and older men are eating and talking, and in the other side, the children are having a war, battling on who gets to eat the most sausages and fried rice. The mothers even help their kids by bringing in food from the kitchen. While, the adults finish eating and resort to coffee and desserts, the late birds hungrily arrive and line up for dinner. Sadly for them, the early kids have had already eaten up all the fried rice and sausages.

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