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American industrial worker

            1*During the time period of 1856+ 1900, industrial workers had both positive benefits+negative things occur 2 them. Due to the formation of Labor Unions, workers were able2 use this as a pillow while sleeping on the uncomfy bed of working in dis time period. To add 2 the misfortunes of the workers, immigrnts 4rm many countries poured into the US which threatened the job positions that many people had or wanted. Both Labor Unions + Imigration played a great part in affecting the lives of the American Industrial worker*2*In the post civil war era, many new immigrants made their way into the US. From the Chinese in the 1850's to the Italians + the Greeks in the 1880's, immigrants were not met with a warm welcome. *3 Thus nativism or antiforeignism came 2 exist with such groups as the American Protective Association + the "Know Nothings." They labored for Congress to pass acts to stop and/or limit immigration, and it succeeded. An act was passed in the 1880's that forbade criminals to enter the country. Later Congress also forbade foreign workers under a contract. Immigration was such a problem that Congress even completely banned one particular ethnic group: The Chinese. When the Chinese Exclusion Act was first passed, it was vetoed by Hayes. But when he was no longer in power, it was ratified in 1882.*4 Due to these exclusions + bans on immigration on foreigners, the American Industrial workers were not as threatened with their job security. They would have more chances to obtain the jobs they wanted + at reasonable prices. However if all these immigrants were here, the industrial workers would not feel as safe w/ their jobs and thus lose their jobs to these immigrants. Such realizations also gave birth to such people as the Kearnyites who were Irish that reacted upon the rapid # of Chinese Immigration.*5 Immigration was not the only factor that played into affection the American Industrial worker.

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