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Color purple theme reflection

             In The Color Purple Walker expresses many ideas and themes. A major theme that I saw was the gender roles were often confused from the traditional roles that are often portrayed. In present time many men and women have also strayed from the traditional stereotypes of men and women's roles. In the novel this theme is shown by Shug Avery's forwardness and confidence in her body. Many women today have the same familiar confidence demonstrated by Shug. Harpo is very unsure of himself when men are usually very confident and see themselves as powerful. Sofia is a strong woman that won't step aside for anyone. Many women today have also grown to demonstrate this. Walker used the character's confusion of gender roles to demonstrate the gender roles of today.
             Shug Avery is a character in the book who is not afraid of her sexuality and forwardness. Many women in that time saw themselves as inferior because that's what they were always led to believe. Women didn't usually go around showing off their bodies and getting drunk while they sang in bars like Shug did. As Shug did , many women in today's day and age have the same confidence and fearlessness to do what they please when they please. Shug was not afraid to talk to Celie about her sexuality and her experiences with Albert, Celie's husband. Shug is also not afraid to demonstrate her homosexuality with Celie. There are many accounts when Shug is talking to Celie about sexual things and asking her questions about what she has or has not experienced. Women today have no problem with discussing those subjects openly unlike most women in Shug's time. .
             Harpo is Mr. _____'s son. He grew up as a very cowardly young boy which is very uncommon with young boys and men in that time. In Harpo's marriage with Sophia he appeared to be the less dominant spouse, which was usually a role the woman took on. Harpo was taught by his father that the man is superior and if the woman didn't agree you should discipline her to show her who's boss.

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