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A Raisin In the Sun

             Set in the mid 1950's "A Raisin in the sun" is a testament of a black family struggling to cope with racism and poverty in Harlem. The play centers on the coming of a life insurance check and the problems and complications that arise around and because of it. Though out the play we see the inner turbulence that is caused by each of the competing characters individual problems and obsessions.
             The play is very character driven. Each individual has their own strife to contribute to the family whole. In order to under stand it you must have an understanding of each character. They are as follows:.
             Mama: the Younger family matriarch and widow, an older woman who's seen much in her years. Her main concern is hold ding her family together and honoring the memory of her husband who pasted on but left he a life insurance policy.
             Walter Lee: mama's son and inheritor of her husband memory. Walter has dreams for his family and himself. He strives for the better things in life but he keeps on being held back by the harsh confines of the world that surrounds him. He has a habit of relieving his frustrations with alcohol. .
             Beneatha: mama's daughter. Caught in the middle of life and under siege by hopeful young men. Beneatha can see the world around her and grasp the politics that are at work within it. Caught between the wishes of her family and the call's of her heart she is at a fork in her life path.
             Ruth: Walters's wife. She is troubled by her husband's restlessness and this is further complicated by the fact she's pregnant. This along with her choice to abort causes extra stress.
             Travis: the son of Walter and Ruth. Blissful ignorant to the gravity of the situation around him.
             As previously stated the play center around a life insurance check to thee tune of ten thousand dollars. This is more than any of them can expect in a lifetime. Walter and Beneatha both have plans for the money. Walter wants to enter into a lucrative albeit shady business deals concerning liquor store with his friends Bobo and Willy Harris.

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