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Farewell to Arms

            Thesis Paper "A Farewell to Arms.
             Some pieces of literature tell about things that could never happen in real life, some tell about things that have already happened, and some tell about things that are going to happen, or could possibly happen. In pieces of literature, many ideas can be portrayed that help the reader to think about what is happening in real life. In A Farewell To Arms by Ernest Hemingway, Catherine and Henry are looking for things that they want, but the characters do not realize the consequences of their actions and do not realize that not all of the emotions portrayed by others are always true feelings. Catherine and Henry are looking for something to bond them closer together such as love and marriage, but in reality these fake feelings are going to wind up in major consequences for the both of them. In the book A Farewell To Arms by Ernest Hemingway peoples thoughts, emotions, and feelings are portrayed of real people's thoughts, emotions, and feelings. This is shown when Catherine and Henry both repeatedly say that they will get married, but never do because they say they don't have time, when Henry pretends to love Catherine, and when Catherine and Henry have a baby which is a consequence for their foolishness. .
             Catherine and Henry both continue to talk about getting married, but never get around to doing it. They say that they want to get married, but they both know that it is such a big commitment, and they know that people who get married generally have to love each other. If they were really in love they would have gotten married. At then end of the book the only reason that they want to get married is to please the people around them. "We'll be married, Fergy, Catherine said, if it will please you."" ( Hemingway 248) Here Catherine is saying flat out that she will marry Henry if that is what Fergy really wants them to do. They wouldn't just get married because they love each other, the reason here that they would get married is to please someone else.

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