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Farewell to Arms

            The title of a book is always the most significant part for many reasons. In a book the body is always linked back to the title. There are many things that are behind a title. However, a title can also be mysterious. For instance, in A Farewell to Arms is a title that makes the reader think what the book is actually based on and almost lures the reader in to find out. The title is very important part of the reader's understanding of the book. Once it is possible to link the body to the title to book it becomes more interesting. This is why Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms was written so well.
             One reason why the title is significant is because of him having to leave the war. He is saying farewell to something that that had a great impact on his life. Frederic Henry has a commitment to discipline and self-control. Anyone who knew him understood that. However, he felt that the war did not involve him that much because he was a driver of an ambulance during the war. He stated that in the beginning of the book when he was first wounded "the war did not have anything to do with me" and felt that he could not be harmed from it. After he was first wounded he returned back to the war during the retreat. At that point he realized that reality was more important than abstract things. It was all about things that were concrete such as places, names, and personal qualities. This is when he began to realize that this meant something to him. Further into reading, he was arrested on German grounds for being a foreigner and later escapes and jumps into a river and swims away. The !.
             water was actually symbolizing something almost like a baptism. He was washed away from violence and horror. At this point he learns to say farewell to the war because he finds something greater, his love for Catherine.
             Frederic Henry started out playing a silly game with Catherine's mind. He said, "I love you" in the beginning when he knew that he didn't.

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