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             The scene I have chosen is Act 1, scene 7, a scene which I felt totally involved in. By referring closely to the theme and characterisation, I am going to demonstrate how the skill of the dramatist helped me to become so involved.
             Prior to this scene, Macbeth has come across as a very tough warrior. .
             "For brave Macbeth, well he deserves that name."".
             He is also an incredibly determined man. He has the ambition to be king but only if' chance may crown me king'. Although he is a tough and violent soldier, his wife thinks he is to full o' the milk of human kindness' to try to win the crown and at this point, she seems to want him to be king more than he does himself. The only possible way to gain the crown is to kill the present king, Duncan. A course of action that Macbeth is extremely unsure about. .
             At this moment, the audience does not have a clear picture of Macbeth's character and as the scene continues, the images we receive are even less clear. Scene 7 commences with Macbeth's soliloquy in which he debates whether he is capable of killing Duncan.
             "If this blow might be the be all and end all here-.
             The audience discover that if he could kill Duncan and get away with it, he is willing to go to hell and risk judgement in the life to come, jump the life to come'. He would rather live an eternity of damnation in the fires of hell if it meant being king in this present life. Thus, he comes across as an ambitious man.
             He then contemplates the reality. If he kills the king then he sees it as his fate for someone to then kill him.
             "That we but teach bloody instructions which being taught return to plague the inventor-.
             Macbeth then goes on to say that Duncan is here at his house in double trust'. Macbeth is his kinsman and his subject which means that he should against the murderer shut the door-, i.e. not commit the crime himself.
             At this stage, he is beginning to sound reasonable and appears to be thinking clearly.

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