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Grocery Stores

            Grocery Stores, or better known as supermarkets, are essential for the world to survive, because it allows us to purchase food and other necessities. We obviously need food to survive. The greatest advantage of these supermarkets is that we, the consumers are able all of the things we need, all in one place, and in some cases very low prices. For my ISU, I focused on the LCL (Loblaw Companies Limited) and four supermarket chains in the LCL (Loblaws, No Frills, Fortino's, and Zehrs. Grocery Stores are a very valuable asset to our community, and the products that LCL produces are very well-known because of the quality of their products and reputation in the industry, value and affordability, and the demand by consumers.
             I work at Fred and Theresa's No Frills, and I have a substantial amount of knowledge about this industry and the different product lines that No Frills carries. Like a regular grocery store, products are separated into different sections and departments, such as meat, deli, frozen, grocery, dairy, bread, and so on. This sort of system is used to keep the products organized, and similar products are placed together so they can be easily found. Of course, these sections contain brand name products such as McCain, Kraft, Heinz, Campbell's, etc. The two main product lines that No Frills and the three other chains consistently carry are No Name and President's Choice. These two product lines are the two founding product lines of the LCL, and are very well- known and popular because of their affordability and quality. Although, comparing Loblaws and No Frills, the prices on some of their products are significantly different, in comparison. No Frills' slogan is "Lower Food Prices". No Frills backs up their claims with weekly price comparisons on essential items, such as bananas, milk, eggs, potatoes, diapers, bread and sugar. Their competitors are of a generous geographical distance of the store, and do not include other chains in the LCL.

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