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Weep not child - Ngugi

            Conflicts have a vast impact upon the development of the plot in weep not child.
             Weep not child, is novel by an African writer, Ngugi. The plot of this novel is generally about a boy and the hardships he goes through in the course of his life. Conflict is one of the main themes of this novel, and it helps in the development of the plot. The characterization of the people in the novel are mainly a result of the situation they are present in, which is mostly due to the conflicts surrounding each of the character. In the novel, conflicts have come in a variety of forms, e.g. political, cultural, and class struggles. I will explore each of these conflicts in further detail, and prove that conflict plays a key role in making this story remarkable. .
             The most noticeable conflict present in this novel is the political conflict. It can be seen that this novel is set at the colonial times; this was when the British were ruling over Africa. “Later, our fathers were taken captives in the first Big War to help in a war whose cause they never knew. And when they came back? Their land was taken away for a settlement of the white soldiers.” Here it is seen that Africans dislike the British ruling there, and taking over their lands. Many black people lost their loved ones in the war that they fought for the British; this was one of the main reasons as to why Africans were so upset. “ Black people have their land in the country of black people. White people have land in their own country. England is for white people only. And they left their country to come and rob us acres of what we have” . Here we see that the black people wanted their land back because it was not fair that some other people were taking over their land. We see that the blacks develop hatred towards the whites, and this is one of the most intense events of the novel. The blacks finally decide that they have to find a way to get their land back.

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