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Narrative of The Life of Frederick Douglass

             Frederick Douglass wrote a book called Narrative of The Life of Frederick Douglass: An American Slave. The Signet, a division of Penguin Books USA Inc, published this book in New York. It was published in 1968, with a total of 140 pages. .
             Frederick Douglass was born into slavery. His book portrays the life for slaves, including the aspects of his life. Any bitterness toward slave owners could affect the way he presents the situations, but the book is meant to depict his life and feelings through slavery.
             Frederick Douglass was a black man. In the book, he lives in very different backgrounds. He moves from plantation to plantation. Eventually, he ends up free. This is better to bring the aspect of his life changes.
             The fact that he lived among black citizen may affect the outlook of her living arrangement and events in the book, once he becomes free. This is only because, though the North fought against slavery, the North was still prejudice. Knowing that he speaks of being a child, some details may be omitted that could be known if he were an adult. He also shows that the facts in the book may be gossip told to him or misunderstandings of things he hears. Some slaves could have gossiped about the things going on in plantations. Some of these things may affect the information we get, but we seem to get the same information as if we were in the situation.
             An American Slave is an autobiography of Frederick Douglass. It focuses on his life and the emotions running among slaves. He only knew his mother for a very small time. He was separated with her at a young age and then met her at a later age. His master, also father, killed her, after they (Douglass and his mom) started developing a relationship. All of the children on the plantation had to live with his grandmother. She was too old to work, so she had to take care of anyone that was too young to work. Frederick Douglass was soon sold to another owner.

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