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Analysis of South Park

             Satire is a commonly used, often humorous technique that the public uses to voice their opinion in the media and entertainment. Satire helps show to problems and allows one to admit a problem and make fun of it without having to be straightforward about it. It is used often in television and other forms of entertainment, for that is where issues receive the most exposure. There is an increasing amount of satirical television shows coming about everyday from the Simpson's and King of the Hill, to Garfield and Adult Swim. There is one show in particular that I feel a successful, effective satire, while being entertaining. From chickenpox, hate crimes, abortion, poverty, and gay rights, to overprotective parents, the Catholic church and the hungry, one televisions show addresses it all. South Park has been on comedy central since 1997 and has received high ratings ever since. As stated on amazon.com, in the editorial review, " If Seinfeld was a chow about nothing, then South Park is a show about everything, from important moral lessons in compassion and tolerance to good old fashioned animated character assassination." South Park isn't afraid to offend, and is an effective political and social satire. It uses clear-cut; in you face, to the point methods of satire, which can at times be very shocking. .
             South Park is a show that takes place in South Park, Colorado, a small rural mountain town, mostly during the winter. The characters that inhabit the town say what most people are afraid too. The main characters are Stan, an average boy; his parents who are average; Kyle, a Jew; his parents who are very overprotective; Cartman, a fat boy; his mother who is a whore; Kenny, a poverty stricken boy; his parents who are violent alcoholics; Mr. Garrison, the gay school teacher; Mr. Hat, a puppet who is Mr. Garrison's life companion; Big Gay Al, the gay boy scout leader; Officer Brady, an incompetent, illiterate police officer; Mr.

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