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Abraham Maslow

            What makes us get out of bed in the morning? What makes us do the things we do? We have to have some sort of incentive and some sort of purpose for our actions to get us to do something. We need motivation. .
             Humans, and teenagers especially, have unlimited wants. All the big businesses in the world exist to satisfy these consumer needs. To satisfy the worlds wants, these companies, big or small, need to produce. And what encourages the workforce to produce? Motivation. .
             Motivation applies to all aspects of life and consequently it has been the topic of many studies and many psychological theorists have dedicated time and effort to try and find out exactly why we do the things we do. In 1943, American psychologist Abraham Maslow contended that everyone is in search of self-actualization. We have to gradually step up a pyramid of needs, achieving each step of existence before moving on to the next, and that motivation comes from the desire to reach each step along the way. His working has become commonly known as his Theory of Hierarchical Needs. .
             First and foremost.survival needs, or physiological needs, are those that are essential for living such as air, sleep, water etc. Without the basics for living, Maslow concluded that the greater things in life would be insignificant. He also recognized that for most people who do not even have life's essentials, that motivation would come from the desire to achieve the physiological needs.
             When a person had met their physiological needs, Maslow said that they would then look for security and safety. Living free from crime, with insurance and financial cover would be classed as safety needs and these would need to be achieved before stepping up. His reasoning came from the fact that many people could not think about greater needs if there was a threat of physical or emotional harm looming. People could not concentrate on greater fulfillment if the carpet could be pulled from under them any minute.

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