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Maslow and the Concept of Human Motivation

            Abraham Maslow projected a general overview of human motivation. His theory strikes a distinctive sense of balance between biological and social needs that integrates many motivational concepts. According to Maslow individual needs are set in a hierarchy, and everyone must satisfy their basic needs before they can satisfy their higher needs. The hierarchy is many times portrayed, as a pyramid beginning with physiological needs at the bottom and self-actualization at the top of this pyramid. The needs at the lower level are the most basic. These basic needs must be satisfy well before an individual can become concern with the higher needs. In this paper I will use the hierarchy of needs to discuss my personality.
             Physiological needs are the needs that first need to be satisfied before a person can begin thinking about anything else. They consist of the need for oxygen, water, food and sleep. Maslow was correct when he said that one need has to be fulfilled before we can move to the next one. Without sufficient amount sleep, I wouldn't be able to think of anything but sleep. Also if I am hungry food will be the only thing on my mind. But because each day I satisfy these basic needs I can think about other things because these needs are no longer controlling my thoughts. .
             Safety needs are the next level of hierarchy. These needs include physical security, dependency, stability, freedom from danger and protection. For example, when I was living in Little Haiti I never use to feel safe. I use to be one of those individuals that cry out for law and order because my neighbor was not safe. I never felt comfortable walking down the street, even in the daytime; there were so many drug dealers on the streets. However, after my dad moved from that environment, I felt much safer living around majority Caucasian people. Also, I use to go to church a lot because I was comforted with the promise of a safe, secure place after I die.

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