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Operational Motivation Plan

             In analyzing the feedback on the workgroup motivation surveys, I have begun to ascertain what motivates the employees in my area of supervision. To restate I am the Director of Organizational Structure and Design and as such I work closely with the Director of Human Resources to implement changes in workflow and hierarchy to produce more efficient work flow throughout the organization.
             The results of the work motivation surveys are as follows: 4 of 7 individuals surveyed enjoy working in groups and find value in being liked by others. It is important for these individuals to build relationships with those they work with. They also enjoy completing challenging tasks are somewhat competitive. In taking this into account, I have analyzed how they might respond to our pending merger using Clayton Aldefer's ERG theory of motivational behavior. ERG stands for Existence, Relatedness and Growth. Existence needs like shelter, food, the ability to make a living for these 4 individuals are satisfied for the most part. These 4 are striving for relatedness and growth. They desire to interact with each other and have a high propensity to network. They want to be involved in making decisions because it drives the "relatatedness element"; making decisions relates empowers them as individuals and relates them directly to the organization. It is my belief that this group would work best as a self directed team and would respond to rewards like verbal recognition in front of upper management and encouragement from upper management to continue to work together to accomplish a common goal. Some of these 4 are competitive so it may be necessary to remind those who are to keep the focus of the group's goal in the forefront. .
             The other 3 individuals in my work area prefer working more as individuals. They are task oriented and building relationships with co-workers is of no importance to them. They are focused and appreciate feedback on how well they complete tasks.

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