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Strategic Operation Issues - GKE Australia

             Today's oral health industry relies upon what is known as best practice in order to provide the safest and most efficient way to service their patients. Within best practice is a reliant from each oral surgeon on dental supply companies to provide correct and accurate information on the products they are selling into the dental market. Products sold that are used for monitoring sterility of a facility should be compliant with Australian, European and/or International Standards and should always be referenced. This report identifies a range of operational issues that prevent GKE Australia from educating standards within the marketplace and also what makes GKE Australia one of the world leaders in monitoring. .
             Company Background.
             GKE Australia is one of the worlds leading monitoring companies for sterilization and Infection Control. Over the past 30 years the Australian dental market have struggled to understand how to apply the regulations of standard to their sterilization process and action those requirements accordingly. Since 1985 GKE has provided extensive training and education in sterilization and monitoring to oral surgeons across Australia and have manufactured their own monitoring devices and indicators based directly on normative requirements written in Australian, European and International standards. Over the last 30 years GKE has become the market leader in Australia and the world in monitoring sterilization, with more than 40,000 customers worldwide GKE Australia have set a landmark as the monitoring experts in sterilization. .
             Vision Mission Statement.
             GKE Australia's focus on core business providing an accurate, scientific approach to monitoring every sterility process to best practice to allow customers to focus on their core business. [GKE 1996].
             professional attitude .
             have a passion for quality .
             provide services beyond expectations .
             To always to deliver customer satisfaction whilst providing a highly intuitive approach to challenging sterility processes.

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