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Strategic Operations Management

             This essay consists of analyzing a strategic operations issue or problem that needs to be addressed within an organization. In the world of business, there are many areas within the Strategic Operations Management scope that can be strategically managed and developed, whether it is within Supply Chain Management, Operations Strategy, Supply network, Quality Management or Marketing. This paper also highlights the potential improvements that can be made within the organization. Research has shown that Operations and process management can make or break a business. When operations and processes are well managed; cost, revenue, investment and capabilities can be impacted positively.
             All business produces products, services or both. The organization in focus throughout out this paper is named Global Image Productions (G.I.P), it is a video production company. This small developing company encountered a few problems along the way. The problems are identified, suggestions given and a vision for future accomplishments is mentioned. Competition is intense in the film industry, it is imperative that G.I.P develops into a strong, reliable and effective business as to develop a competitive edge within its business scope. .
             We live in a society where many individuals are taking that brave step to become business owners. Owning a business is no easy task, it takes time and dedication for it to thrive and become successful. There are many aspects relating to business development; however within this research paper, Operations and processes will be explored. .
             Slack et al. (2012, p.1) states that Operations and processes management is about how organizations create goods and service. Everything you wear, eat, use or read comes to you courtesy of the operations managers who organized its creation. .
             There are several business which are experiences a gap within their organization, this could be as a result of poor Operations and processes management.

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