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Building a Operational Motivational Plan

            Making an employee happy is an extremely difficult task. When an employee is motivated, he or she is happy and productivity occurs. If employees are productive, the organization benefits. A manager should try to keep their staff motivated. A manager must think creatively to involve his/her staff in incentive projects. By keeping them motivated, the staff will not become bored with their day-to-day job responsibilities. Designing a motivational plan, a manager could keep motivational techniques fresh and not using the same techniques over and over again to try to motivate your employees. Using the same techniques over and over again might not have the same impact as it did when you first put the plan in place. For example, a manager might offer a dinner and movie gift package to the employee that completes their scheduled tasks prior to the end of the day. This technique would work well the first time because this was something new for the employees to strive for. When the manager decided to use the same incentive again, the impact might not be so inviting to your staff. In developing a motivational plan, the manager would first hold a departmental meeting. At the meeting, the team would discuss the departmental objective that needs to be achieved. The team would then collectively establish a departmental goal based on the overall objective along with a timeline for the completion of the goal. At this team brainstorming session, every team member would be made aware of his/her individual job responsibilities in relation to this departmental goal. Each team member would have a clear understanding of what they are expected to complete as part of this project. To keep my staff interested in the goal I would hold a weekly meeting to discuss and chart our progress toward achieving our goal. Seeing the progress of a goal shows the staff how well they are doing trying to complete the goal and this could also show where they need to improve.

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